Liver Cleansing Again!

I just wrapped up yet another liver cleanse, but this time I actually gave it my full effort and did not drink any wine for the entire week. In fact, I still haven’t had any wine (that’s subject to change any day now). The cleanse was actually much more tolerable when following the rules –Continue reading “Liver Cleansing Again!”

The Festival Poo

Talk about pooping at music festivals has come up a lot this past week. I guess it’s getting to be that time of year. One of my favorite clients just returned from the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. I’d like to think I can hang with dirty hippies, but everything about this festival looks likeContinue reading “The Festival Poo”

Limited Edition Odor-Eliminating candles!

Please stop by my favorite cat-man’s photography exhibit, The Thousands, tonight at my favorite tea shop, Tea NJ, on Newark Avenue in downtown Jersey City. The first 60 guests will receive my limited edition cat odor-eliminating candles. And speaking of favorites, my favorite new shop in town, Love Liesel, will be having their ribbon cuttingContinue reading “Limited Edition Odor-Eliminating candles!”

Sensual Colonics?!!!

So I got a creepy request over the weekend that I’m still recovering from. A man called inquiring if people received colonics “for pleasure,” implying that he had received such colonics in the past. I was too embarrassed to ask what the hell that meant. He clarified with the word “sensual,” which always implies some sort ofContinue reading “Sensual Colonics?!!!”

A Makeshift Bidet

Hello from the Catskills! I am on a three day snowboarding trip with my favorite nonprofit, Stoked Org, whose mission is to close the opportunity gap by empowering our underserved communities through action sports. We just wrapped up breakfast, after which I immediately needed to take a dump. If you’re a follower, you already knowContinue reading “A Makeshift Bidet”

Constipation Tips

HOME REMEDIES FOR CONSTIPATION 1. Get a gravity colonic. Get the waste out quickly and effectively via a gravity colonic. Make sure it’s a gravity method colonic, which is the most gentle, natural method available. And if you’re not shy about sticking things up your rear, you may also want to try administering an enemaContinue reading “Constipation Tips”

SuperBowl Bullshit

AstraZenica pulled some shit during this year’s SuperBowl. I hate to admit I love their new commercial, which brilliantly conveys the reality of bathroom envy, and it would have been a lot more kosher had it been advertising a natural remedy (ehem, colonics), but the commercial is advertising a pill to cure your painkiller-related constipation woes. Essentially,Continue reading “SuperBowl Bullshit”

Colonoscopy Prep

If you’ve ever had or needed a colonoscopy, you are familiar with the dreaded colonoscopy preparation protocol. This could include drinking Suclear, Nulytely/Colyte, MoviPrep, Miralax/Gatorade, Prepopik, amongst other chemical cocktails, with protocols varying depending on the time of day the colonoscopy is performed. Unfortunately, there is really no way to avoid the preparation portion ofContinue reading “Colonoscopy Prep”

A Rededication

One of my most loyal and dedicated clients always stresses the importance of maintaining a gratitude journal. I don’t like to waste paper, but rest assured, I keep a mental log (pun? yes.) I am forever grateful to my parents and the opportunity they have afforded me in this country. Both of my parents come from humbleContinue reading “A Rededication”

I Thinx Not!!!

Two things happened yesterday: I got my period and one of my favorite clients did too, only in the worst way. She was testing out the new Thinx underwear that are designed to absorb two tampons worth of menstruation. You may have seen the following obscene advertisements in the subway (the girl in the firstContinue reading “I Thinx Not!!!”