What’s so Funny About a Bidet??

Bidets rule. I never really quite understood why people chuckle when confronted with a bidet. I grew up with a bidet in my home, so I never thought they were weird. But now I can appreciate why they are so funny after doing a bit of research into their history and principal uses.

The bidet was invented by the French in the late 17th century and the word “bidet” is the French word for pony. Now that’s hilarious! One of the bidet’s first uses was to clean one’s genitalia before and after sex. Their most common use in modernage is to wash one’s anus after taking a dump. Bidets are actually pretty commonplace in most countries except for the US. In fact, countries like India and Japan are getting creative and merging the toilet and the bidet into one. Some of these devices even have seat warmers, dryers, and carbon filters to reduce odor.

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