Non-Crusty Winter Skin? Yes, please.

Hey all! Hope you’re having a great weekend. I am typing this on my way home from a ski trip to Sugarbush Mountain in Vermont with my brother and his girlfriend. Just thought I’d share a skin tip with those suffering from dry skin this winter. It’s been pretty cold up here with some days requiring a faceContinue reading “Non-Crusty Winter Skin? Yes, please.”

Downtown Jersey City Health Markets

Many of my NYC clients find themselves foraging for health food in Jersey City after their colonics. Look no further… here is a list of my favorite health markets in Jersey City and what they each offer: Subia’s Organic Cafe: About a ten minute walk from the Doody Free Girl headquarters, Subia’s is located atContinue reading “Downtown Jersey City Health Markets”

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years, everybody! You may already know that I love me some resolutions… Last year, my aim was to clean out my liver because Andreas Moritz, author of The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse, connects body imbalance to a congested liver. Just before the new year last year, I was experiencing terrible menstrual cramps.Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

Fart Basel Miami 2015

Art Basel Miami – one of the world’s biggest art shows for art collectors and spectators alike – just wrapped up its 13th annual show complete with art, swanky parties, stabbings, and such….but don’t worry, @FartBasel has got you covered… What you know about my GREEN FART SQUAD!? ☘ #kimsimonson #fartbasel #artbasel A photo posted byContinue reading “Fart Basel Miami 2015”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am so grateful for my family, friends/clients and new clients alike…wishing you all a wonderful day! In honor of you, I would love to extend my Brown Friday special to all new and existing clients. This Friday and Saturday colonics are 20% off!!! Email me for appointments. xoxo jen  

Monsters Inside Me Season Premiere!

No, I don’t get excited for Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Homeland, Modern Family, House of Cards, or vampire shit… I do however, get excited for the Real Housewives, Shark Tank, anything on ID network AND most of all…… You may think I just have bad taste in television programming, but IContinue reading “Monsters Inside Me Season Premiere!”

Tom’s Famous Salad

Doody Free Girl is closed on Tuesdays because I work in Manhattan every Tuesday at Release NYC, where I was trained back in 2009 by the owner and my mentor, Tom DeVito. For those following my blog, you know Tom DeVito is a fucking anomaly. Last night, we had a belated 53rd birthday celebration forContinue reading “Tom’s Famous Salad”

Happy Fall!

James Bae, an acupuncturist I used to see regularly when I lived in Brooklyn, is a practitioner of Ayurveda, an ancient, holistic Indian medical system that uses food and herbs as medicine. He would tell me that the Fall is the season for colon cleansing! It had something to do with the change of seasons andContinue reading “Happy Fall!”