Veganism and Boobies

I’ve been in and out of veganism for the last ten years and recently re-committed about a year and a half ago for not only vanity and health motivations, but environmentalism and animal rights motivations. There is no question that eliminating meat and dairy (even grass-fed and “free-range”) from your diet results in a reductionContinue reading “Veganism and Boobies”

I Thinx Not!!!

Two things happened yesterday: I got my period and one of my favorite clients did too, only in the worst way. She was testing out the new Thinx underwear that are designed to absorb two tampons worth of menstruation. You may have seen the following obscene advertisements in the subway (the girl in the firstContinue reading “I Thinx Not!!!”

A Non-Smelly Period!

One of my favorite clients introduced me to a low-maintenance, eco-friendly way to manage my period sans tampons or pads. It’s called a Diva Cup and is exactly as it sounds. It is basically a 2 ounce food-grade silicone cup that you fold up and insert into your vagina. Once in, it unfolds and collects yourContinue reading “A Non-Smelly Period!”

The Menstrual Poop.

In high school, I would get sent home on the regular for passing out from my debilitating menstrual cramps. Passing out would give me the same instant relief like throwing up or having diarrhea. I wonder if I can survive giving birth? Apparently, those cramps are caused by the body’s release of a chemical signal calledContinue reading “The Menstrual Poop.”

Girls are Dirty.

In an earlier post demanding that guys take better care of their toilets, I failed to mention how despicably filthy women can be when using public toilets. Ironically, men’s public bathrooms are notoriously cleaner than women’s. I’m sick of walking into a public bathroom and slowly checking out the stalls through my periphery in fear of having my heart jump atContinue reading “Girls are Dirty.”