A Makeshift Bidet

Hello from the Catskills! I am on a three day snowboarding trip with my favorite nonprofit, Stoked Org, whose mission is to close the opportunity gap by empowering our underserved communities through action sports. We just wrapped up breakfast, after which I immediately needed to take a dump. If you’re a follower, you already know that I love me some bidets. I certainly didn’t expect this Bed & Breakfast to have a bidet, but there is a shower right next to the toilet. So if you ever find yourself wiping your ass after a satisfying shit, only to feel dirtier because the consistency is somewhat fudge-like, take a shower-bidet.

A shower-bidet is when you squat close to the faucet (do not turn on the shower-head) and soap your butt crack and butthole thoroughly. Rinse, turn around and repeat to make sure you rinse off the suds in the front.



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