The Festival Poo

Talk about pooping at music festivals has come up a lot this past week. I guess it’s getting to be that time of year. One of my favorite clients just returned from the Envision Festival in Costa Rica. I’d like to think I can hang with dirty hippies, but everything about this festival looks likeContinue reading “The Festival Poo”

A Makeshift Bidet

Hello from the Catskills! I am on a three day snowboarding trip with my favorite nonprofit, Stoked Org, whose mission is to close the opportunity gap by empowering our underserved communities through action sports. We just wrapped up breakfast, after which I immediately needed to take a dump. If you’re a follower, you already knowContinue reading “A Makeshift Bidet”


One of my new favorite TV shows I discovered last year when I was home sick one day is called The Monsters Inside Me. This show is definitely not recommended for my hypochondriacs. You will learn first-hand about rare cases of parasite infestations that many times result in neurological disorders and even death. Many of theContinue reading “Parasites!”

Doody Free Girl Shit-Anywhere Candles!

I’ve already established that I love all things that smell good and a good-smelling candle is no exception. There’s something sweet and welcoming about a lit candle, especially in unexpected corners of a home such as the bathroom. So my new addition to the Doody Free Girl space are my handmade Bathroom Soy Travel Candles scentedContinue reading “Doody Free Girl Shit-Anywhere Candles!”

This is Where I Leave You.

I am on the airplane right now heading from Tokyo to Hong Kong. I am a new fan of Cathay Pacific Airways. I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t looking all forward to this trip solely based on the 24 hours of travel time from NYC to Japan via Hong Kong. I thought thatContinue reading “This is Where I Leave You.”

Japan knows what’s up!!!

I have finally arrived at my hotel in Nagano, Japan after what has amounted to nearly 30 hours of travel time from NYC. This trip has been planned for about six months now and is coincidentally serving as a  businessMOON as I will be opening Doody Free Girl right when I get back on March 16th.Continue reading “Japan knows what’s up!!!”


Yup, it’s a thing. Last year, celebrities like Matt Damon got involved with the UN to spread awareness on the global issue of open defecation on November 19th, which was declared World Toilet Day in 2001 by the World Toilet Organization. Open defecation is common in countries like India, where lack of toilets pose a majorContinue reading “#WorldToiletDay”