Doo Shit At Home! A Pilates & Poop Workshop…

You may already be aware that I am a big fan of Pilates…and especially its founder, Joseph Pilates. Literally a freak of nature, Joseph Pilates was a circus performer, bodybuilder, professional boxer and self defense trainer. Born in Germany, he moved to England in 1912 to box and teach self defense at police schools. When Britain entered World War I, British authorities sent Pilates and his fellow German colleagues to an internment camp (aka war prison) as enemy aliens, where he continued to study the body through his work with the other inmates. It was here that Pilates really advanced his body of work, rigging springs to hospital beds and creating all kinds of contraptions so that even bedridden inmates could rehabilitate and strengthen their bodies and thus, their immunity. Incredibly, none of his students succumbed to the 1918 influenza outbreak that took many lives around the world, especially those living in close quarters such as inmates of internment camps.

Joseph Pilates’ obsession with health began early in life. He suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever. His father was an award winning gymnast and his mother a naturopath of sorts. So it only seemed natural that he obsessively studied anatomy, body conditioning and animals in the wild (okay, thats a little weird, but ironically forward-thinking nonetheless) as a means of restoring his health. He became completely obsessed with building both physical and mental strength, believing that modern lifestyle, poor posture and poor breathing were responsible for illness. The Pilates method of physical exercise incorporates attention to breath work, stretching and strengthening.

Lastly, and of utmost importance, Pilates had quite the figure well into his 80s. Nothing tones your core like the Pilates method and of course, a good poop…

I’m all about doing shit at home! Please join me at Power House Pilates just down the hallway from the Doody Free shop at the Brunswick Center on Sunday, April 30th for a two hour workshop beginning at 11am. There will be Pilates, poop and libations. It’s only $25 and filling up fast! You will leave with a simple, effective routine you can do at home, my favorite enema bag and a fun buzz…email me for bookings 🙂

boy doing pilates at home


Jersey City Art & Studio Tour 2016!

This weekend is my favorite art event of the year! The annual Jersey City Art and Studio Tour promotes local artists throughout the city by encouraging different bars, restaurants, galleries, and homeowners to host local art shows. You can download a map at and check out all the art Jersey City has to offer, including my shitty bathroom signs. I am supposed to be open on Saturday from 1-6pm, but I can’t promise I won’t get the itch to go check out some art, so please see my entire art show below. If you would like to purchase a pair of bathroom signs for your favorite bar or restaurant, please email me



Ain’t Got Shit To Do Tonight?

Come meet me tonight at CAP Beauty in the West Village at 7pm! I’ll be there to answer all of your burning questions about colonics and show you all of my favorite natural beauty products / makeup in the store.  You can read CAP Beauty’s blog post on me here. 



CAP Beauty is located at 238 W 10th Street, NYC.


Hope to see you there! xoxo jen

Kimberly Snyder is a Radical Beauty

For those receiving my newsletters, you know how much I admire and respect my friend, Kimberly Snyder and her vegan health philosophy. If you already follow her books or want to learn more about her, please come to the book signing event for her new book, Radical Beauty. I’ll be there 🙂



The Wiseguyz Show

Tune in to The Wiseguyz Show on DDV Radio tonight from 8-10pm to listen to us talk a bunch of shit. Spelling is clearly not their forte (see promo and tune-in directions below), but they seem like a good way to spend your Hump Day nonetheless.


Wiseguyz radio


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Team Walker Ryde Tomorrow!

Across from the hallway from the Doody Free Girl studio at the Brunswick Center is Rush Cycling. Heidi, one of the owners, was a client of mine in Manhattan before I ever moved back to New Jersey from Brooklyn. She kept pressing me to open a space in Jersey, and after much resistance, I agreed to check out the Brunswick Center because she wouldn’t shut up about it. I immediately fell in love with the idea of working at an old Catholic school renovated into a community wellness center….and here I am.

Heidi is one of my dear friends who I respect and admire for her drive and encouraging attitude. I hope you will join me this Sunday as she, along with Not Lost JC (a direct-action animal rights kollectiv) has generously agreed to host two spin classes, the proceeds from which will benefit Team Walker. Team Walker is a local organization here in Jersey City dedicated to providing a healthy outlet for our inner city youth through after-school programs that build on community. When Andy Hertz, founder of Not Lost JC, heard that Rush Cycling was upgrading their bikes, he got in touch with Team Walker to see if they could use the old bikes. The only catch was that the pedals, seats, and handle bars/stems needed to be replaced. Real Ryder has generously agreed to offer these parts at wholesale, which will cost $1700.

So please come ride with us tomorrow. There will be drinks and brunch to follow down the street at the White Star Bar on Brunswick Street. I look forward to seeing you 🙂

Jersey City Spin

Ain’t Got Shit To Do Today?

Today is Modern Sage’s Annual Health Fair. Grab your yoga mat and join me for free meditation and yoga on the streets beginning at noon today! I’ll be there until 4pm educating this town on the power of the poo. I’d love to see some old and new faces so bring your friends and family! We’ll be posted up right across the street from my favorite tea shop, Tea NJ, so grab some tea and get your ass to the Health Fair!

health fair

Limited Edition Odor-Eliminating candles!

Please stop by my favorite cat-man’s photography exhibit, The Thousands, tonight at my favorite tea shop, Tea NJ, on Newark Avenue in downtown Jersey City. The first 60 guests will receive my limited edition cat odor-eliminating candles.

And speaking of favorites, my favorite new shop in town, Love Liesel, will be having their ribbon cutting with our fabulous mayor at 4pm. Love Liesel will be fully stocked with alcohol and my odor-eliminating soy bathroom candles. Cheers!



Jersey City Art Studio Tour Kick-Off Party TOMORROW!

Come meet me at the Jersey City Art Studio Tour ( Kick-Off Party tomorrow night at Lackawanna Center in Jersey City. Blackbird Gallery & Art Studio and I will be there with our POoP-Up Photo Booth to take pictures of your best poop face on my golden throne!