I began liver cleansing almost two years ago to get rid of some wrinkles, dark under eye circles and severe menstrual cramps. I’ve seen improvement in all areas. However, I was also hoping the whites of my eyes would clear up. I had started noticing some yellowing around the inner corners that was bothering the shit out ofContinue reading “Jaundice?”

Liver Cleansing Again!

I just wrapped up yet another liver cleanse, but this time I actually gave it my full effort and did not drink any wine for the entire week. In fact, I still haven’t had any wine (that’s subject to change any day now). The cleanse was actually much more tolerable when following the rules –Continue reading “Liver Cleansing Again!”

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years, everybody! You may already know that I love me some resolutions… Last year, my aim was to clean out my liver because Andreas Moritz, author of The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse, connects body imbalance to a congested liver. Just before the new year last year, I was experiencing terrible menstrual cramps.Continue reading “Happy New Year!”

Never Wipe Your Ass With Leaves (of Three).

A recent “detox rash” turned out to be a torturous case of poison ivy. Wrapping it up the way I did to cover it only made it spread across my entire forearm! I’ve never had poison ivy before and for whatever reason, thought it was just some mythological beast, despite the memory of my friend inContinue reading “Never Wipe Your Ass With Leaves (of Three).”

Ringworm is Dead!

So it turns out I just had an eczema rash on my arm coincidentally where my ringworm was years ago. I had started using Athlete’s Foot cream on my rash because Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm and Groin Itch are all the same shit. Eczema is undoubtedly an internal issue and while the rash was brought onContinue reading “Ringworm is Dead!”

Second Liver Cleanse Complete!

Malic acid made all the difference this time around! If you’ve been following, you know that you have a choice the first six days of the liver cleanse to opt for a liter of apple juice per day or a liter of water with a teaspoon of malic acid mixed in. Last month, the appleContinue reading “Second Liver Cleanse Complete!”

Malic Acid Rules!

I started my second liver cleanse two days ago, only this time substituting the malic acid mixture (1 tsp of malic acid in 32 ounces of water) in place of the 32 ounces of apple cider. It is such a better experience this time around! The malic acid mixture basically tastes like unsweetened Vitamin Water.Continue reading “Malic Acid Rules!”

Gil Jacobs

Doody Free Girl exists thanks to the Original G: The Godfather of colonics, Gil Jacobs. If you’ve never heard of this man, it’s probably because you’re not down with getting a super aggressive colonic in a cramped bathroom in the East Village from a self-proclaimed unprofessional. But Gil has been dubbed the Godfather of ColonicsContinue reading “Gil Jacobs”


About two years ago, I got a bad case of ringworm on my left forearm. Ringworm really isn’t as gross as it sounds. It’s basically the same fungus as groin itch and athlete’s foot. Okay, maybe that is pretty disgusting. But it’s not like a creepy crawly worm was wiggling in my skin. Ringworm formsContinue reading “Ringworm”