Great Minds Shit Alike.

I had the honor of talking shit with one of my health and colonic mentors, Mike Perrine, on his EveryDayDetox podcast. Mike is the owner of Vitality NYC, where I work on the first Tuesday of every month. You can book me for a colonic in NYC on the Vitality NYC website. Hope you enjoyContinue reading “Great Minds Shit Alike.”

Put Your Best Shit Forward

I have a confession: I’m a hypocrite. One of my pet peeves is everyone’s portrayal of perfection on social media, yet I only put my best shit forward as well. You’ve seen my cat, Micro, peeing and pooping like a champ day in and day out on my Instagram Story. She effortlessly hops up onContinue reading “Put Your Best Shit Forward”

Because Your Home Shouldn’t Smell Like Sh*t!

I keep promising everyone a blog post on how to keep your home smelling as sweet as the Doody Free shop. My secret weapon is this nebulizing essential oil diffuser and of course, essential oils. As you may know, I like to diffuse lemongrass. The nebulizing diffuser is definitely superior to humidifying diffusers. I use both,Continue reading “Because Your Home Shouldn’t Smell Like Sh*t!”

Limited Edition Odor-Eliminating candles!

Please stop by my favorite cat-man’s photography exhibit, The Thousands, tonight at my favorite tea shop, Tea NJ, on Newark Avenue in downtown Jersey City. The first 60 guests will receive my limited edition cat odor-eliminating candles. And speaking of favorites, my favorite new shop in town, Love Liesel, will be having their ribbon cuttingContinue reading “Limited Edition Odor-Eliminating candles!”

The Importance of a Sexy Scent.

My eyesight and my hearing may be shit, but my heightened sense of smell is that of a weed-sniffing canine. Things can get a little stinky in my line of work, so you can bet your ass the Doody Free Girl shop is equipped with top-of-the-line therapeutic essential oil diffusers that actually sanitize and humidify the airContinue reading “The Importance of a Sexy Scent.”

Because Sleep Farts Happen.

A client last week told me that a fart woke her up that morning. Better her than her boyfriend. Mastering the silent rip is an art. Ladies, we all fart in our sleep. Sleep farts are a necessary evil that keep us from feeling like a bloated whale all day. While your midnight farts soundContinue reading “Because Sleep Farts Happen.”