Doo Shit At Home! A Pilates & Poop Workshop…

You may already be aware that I am a big fan of Pilates…and especially its founder, Joseph Pilates. Literally a freak of nature, Joseph Pilates was a circus performer, bodybuilder, professional boxer and self defense trainer. Born in Germany, he moved to England in 1912 to box and teach self defense at police schools. WhenContinue reading “Doo Shit At Home! A Pilates & Poop Workshop…”

Protein Makes You Constipated

Somewhere along the line, a cultural obsession with protein developed along with the desire to look like this:   Because that’s normal… I know what bodybuilders go through to look like this and it involves a lot of dead chickens, food obsessing, no life outside the gym, fat burning pills, zero shits (but infinite fucks) and intentionalContinue reading “Protein Makes You Constipated”

Team Walker Ryde Tomorrow!

Across from the hallway from the Doody Free Girl studio at the Brunswick Center is Rush Cycling. Heidi, one of the owners, was a client of mine in Manhattan before I ever moved back to New Jersey from Brooklyn. She kept pressing me to open a space in Jersey, and after much resistance, I agreedContinue reading “Team Walker Ryde Tomorrow!”

Open House!

If you’re a little shy about irrigating your ass and whatnot, please come by my open house this Saturday, June 6th from 12-3pm. I will be here to give you presents, show you around and answer all of your anal questions. I am located on the third floor of The Brunswick Center (189 Brunswick Street,Continue reading “Open House!”

Strong Abs = Strong Poop

I am so excited that I found this abdominal workout video on YouTube! I have been a devotee to this particular 20 minute Winsor Pilates Ab Sculpting video since high school. I even got the football team in college into it because it’s that good! But due to recent DVD-player restraints (or lack there-of), IContinue reading “Strong Abs = Strong Poop”

Cover Or Hover?

Once again, my mother is to blame for my paranoia. She has had almost complete control of my bathroom habits for the first half of my life thus far. It was with her that I first experienced the luxury of a public restroom, but not without fear of contracting a life-threatening virus. She showed me the properContinue reading “Cover Or Hover?”