Team Walker Ryde Tomorrow!

Across from the hallway from the Doody Free Girl studio at the Brunswick Center is Rush Cycling. Heidi, one of the owners, was a client of mine in Manhattan before I ever moved back to New Jersey from Brooklyn. She kept pressing me to open a space in Jersey, and after much resistance, I agreed to check out the Brunswick Center because she wouldn’t shut up about it. I immediately fell in love with the idea of working at an old Catholic school renovated into a community wellness center….and here I am.

Heidi is one of my dear friends who I respect and admire for her drive and encouraging attitude. I hope you will join me this Sunday as she, along with Not Lost JC (a direct-action animal rights kollectiv) has generously agreed to host two spin classes, the proceeds from which will benefit Team Walker. Team Walker is a local organization here in Jersey City dedicated to providing a healthy outlet for our inner city youth through after-school programs that build on community. When Andy Hertz, founder of Not Lost JC, heard that Rush Cycling was upgrading their bikes, he got in touch with Team Walker to see if they could use the old bikes. The only catch was that the pedals, seats, and handle bars/stems needed to be replaced. Real Ryder has generously agreed to offer these parts at wholesale, which will cost $1700.

So please come ride with us tomorrow. There will be drinks and brunch to follow down the street at the White Star Bar on Brunswick Street. I look forward to seeing you 🙂

Jersey City Spin

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