Grow Your Shit.

Other than my intestines, I admittedly don’t know where all of my shit comes from. I try to be mindful of what I eat most of the time (no animal products, organic when possible, minimal processed foods, etc etc), but how the fuck does lettuce grow? With the way of the world and our foodContinue reading “Grow Your Shit.”

Charcoal for Your Ass and Teeth!

Activated charcoal seems to be all the rage this year. Being in the ass business, I’ve learned from Tom DeVito that activated charcoal should be recommended for food poisoning and from Mike Perrine that it can used for heavy metal detox as well. I have also learned from a client that it can help with excessiveContinue reading “Charcoal for Your Ass and Teeth!”


I began liver cleansing almost two years ago to get rid of some wrinkles, dark under eye circles and severe menstrual cramps. I’ve seen improvement in all areas. However, I was also hoping the whites of my eyes would clear up. I had started noticing some yellowing around the inner corners that was bothering the shit out ofContinue reading “Jaundice?”

Mustaches are for Men

I’m proud to say my clients learn all sorts of shit from me. I will do my best to teach you the things that could make your life better. You want to know where the best health markets in NYC and Jersey City are? You want to know where to get the best facials? You wantContinue reading “Mustaches are for Men”

Oil Pulling Away Your Cavities??

One of my clients swears that just a year ago, her dentist thought she was “the most disgusting creature” due to her slacking in the oral hygiene department, maybe brushing once a day and flossing every few days. I have to admit, I can completely relate to said client. Unless you’re constantly shoving processed, sugaryContinue reading “Oil Pulling Away Your Cavities??”

A Non-Smelly Period!

One of my favorite clients introduced me to a low-maintenance, eco-friendly way to manage my period sans tampons or pads. It’s called a Diva Cup and is exactly as it sounds. It is basically a 2 ounce food-grade silicone cup that you fold up and insert into your vagina. Once in, it unfolds and collects yourContinue reading “A Non-Smelly Period!”

Ringworm is Dead!

So it turns out I just had an eczema rash on my arm coincidentally where my ringworm was years ago. I had started using Athlete’s Foot cream on my rash because Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm and Groin Itch are all the same shit. Eczema is undoubtedly an internal issue and while the rash was brought onContinue reading “Ringworm is Dead!”

Sleepover Kit.

Oil pulling really came in handy this morning! I spontaneously slept over my brother’s place last night, unprepared with no sleepover kit, which usually just means a toothbrush and my makeup bag. I really hate going to sleep without flossing, brushing my teeth, scraping my tongue and taking my eye makeup off with coconut oilContinue reading “Sleepover Kit.”

Oil Pulling

I’ll try new things, but you first. My clients are constantly introducing me to really cool, “traditional” ways of healing and cleansing, a lot of which just sounds straight up CRAY (that felt appropriate). My interest is only ever peaked when I see results in them first. So this leads me to oil pulling… A clientContinue reading “Oil Pulling”