The Importance of a Sexy Scent.

My eyesight and my hearing may be shit, but my heightened sense of smell is that of a weed-sniffing canine. Things can get a little stinky in my line of work, so you can bet your ass the Doody Free Girl shop is equipped with top-of-the-line therapeutic essential oil diffusers that actually sanitize and humidify the air while emitting a pleasant lemongrass aroma.

Clients are always asking me what smells so good in the Doody Free shop. A few of my favorite oils for diffusing are White Fir and Lavender, but my absolute go-to for a sweet, crisp smell is lemongrass. I cannot get enough of this clean scent, so it is always being diffused in the shop! I actually ordered it just out of curiosity because I’d been testing all of the available scents to see which one I really took to. Honestly, I don’t care which oil is going to bring me peace and harmony if it smells like shit (you’ll find all kinds of New Age-y promises in essential oil land). I will only diffuse smells that make me want to take my clothes off. I don’t even know what that means, but it’s a good thing! Anyhow, lemongrass has that effect on me. So I did a little research on the benefits of lemongrass and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how appropriately compatible lemongrass and colonics are!

Lemongrass is widely used for its anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial properties. Apparently, it’s good for hoarders too. I guess it helps you let go, which is important during a colonic! It is also a good sedative (also important for a colonic). Lemongrass can also be diffused to kill airborne bacteria and air pollution. A client even told me it’s good for nausea, which some people do experience during a treatment.

Aside from all of the health benefits, I think everyone can agree that a good smell will just put you in a good mood. Don’t worry about spending too much on essential oils. Bulk Apothecary offers great deals on therapeutic essential oils, including lemongrass. I prefer the organic variety, although they also sell conventional lemongrass for a bit cheaper.

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