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Doody Free Girl exists thanks to the Original G: The Godfather of colonics, Gil Jacobs. If you’ve never heard of this man, it’s probably because you’re not down with getting a super aggressive colonic in a cramped bathroom in the East Village from a self-proclaimed unprofessional. But Gil has been dubbed the Godfather of Colonics in the health world not just because he’s a 58 year old Italian Guinea from Staten Island, but because he pioneered and revolutionized how NYC gives colonics through his “bottoms-up” approach to health. It has become a badge of honor for a colon therapist to have been trained by Gil Jacobs. We all brag about it, so always make sure your chosen colon therapist has this advanced “certification.”

Gil was my first and only paid colon therapist from 2007 until I was formally trained by the Wood Hygienic Institute in 2009. His charisma and encouragement is the reason I lead such an alternative lifestyle today. We would spend the entire hour of my colonic talking about health, food, family, and celebrity gossip (in terms of whose gas has traveled up to their face i.e. those whose faces have blown up i.e. John Travolta). Gil is well versed in all aforementioned subjects and he likes to throw in pop quizzes from time to time.

I decided to pay Gil a visit this weekend because I haven’t seen him in years and I was long overdue for a deep cleaning. On Friday, my veteran liver cleanse client assured me that my “ringworm rash” is definitely a detox symptom and I should embrace it for it serves as proof that my liver cleanse efforts were not in vain. She even told me that while she never got a rash, she did experience relentless itchiness all over her body when she started the liver cleanses. Gil believes the rash is a result of the antibiotics I took to heal the ringworm resurfacing. In fact, the first thing he asked me was if I took antibiotics to heal the ringworm back then. It actually makes perfect sense since the rash is exactly where my ringworm scar is and was torturing me with the same sensations as the ringworm, yet it did not form a ring. Andreas Moritz attributes all antibiotics, especially those that are used to treat skin infections, to gallstones.  He concludes,

Symptomatic treatment always has a hefty price tag attached to it, that is, an impairment of basic liver functions. It is far easier and more beneficial for the body to remove all gallstones, restore normal blood values, and improve digestion and waste removal than to suppress the symptoms of a disease. Symptoms are not the disease; they only indicate that the body is attempting to save and protect itself. They signal the body’s need for attention, support, and care. Treating disease as if it were an enemy, when in reality it is a survival attempt, actually sabotages the body’s healing abilities and sows the seeds for further illness.


Resources: The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse by Andreas Moritz, Gil Jacobs

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