Oil Pulling Away Your Cavities??

One of my clients swears that just a year ago, her dentist thought she was “the most disgusting creature” due to her slacking in the oral hygiene department, maybe brushing once a day and flossing every few days. I have to admit, I can completely relate to said client.

Unless you’re constantly shoving processed, sugary or acidic foods into your mouth (which can alter your body’s PH, lowering your immunity and deteriorate your teeth) I feel the same way about brushing your teeth as I do about washing your face: you don’t need to do it as often as marketers would like you to believe. The saliva in your mouth, just like the sebum on your skin, is designed to protect your body from microbial invasion. According to the Mayo Clinic, it washes away food particles and neutralizes acids produced by bacteria in your mouth. However, certain medications can hamper saliva production, requiring diligent oral care.

I encourage you to consider effective, natural alternatives that have been proven to reduce oral deterioration when you’re tired of being told what to do. I’ve shared the joys of oil cleansing (or pulling) for both your teeth and your face. I go through extended periods of time not oil pulling my teeth out of sheer laziness, but as soon as I start to feel like a complete dirtbag, I’ll swish coconut oil in my mouth as soon as I wake up for at least ten minutes, followed by tongue scraping, a warm water rinse and then a quick brush with either plain water or some toothpaste. I try to brush and floss my teeth every night, but if I’m falling asleep on the couch to The Real Housewives, ain’t nobody got time for that shit.

The client who inspired this post came into the Doody Free shop the other day singing the praises of oil cleansing. Her first visit to the dentist last year after a significant absence resulted in four cavities. She refused to accept this diagnosis, and began oil pulling for a few months before getting a second opinion. The second dentist assured her that her teeth were perfect and so was her home oral care. Boom.

Brush less. Watch more TV.



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