Oil Pulling

I’ll try new things, but you first. My clients are constantly introducing me to really cool, “traditional” ways of healing and cleansing, a lot of which just sounds straight up CRAY (that felt appropriate). My interest is only ever peaked when I see results in them first. So this leads me to oil pulling

A client of mine told me about oil pulling about a year ago. It involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 20-30 minutes every morning before brushing your teeth or even drinking anything, then spitting it out along with all the disease causing germs in your mouth and possibly even some cavities. This sounded interesting to me in theory, but nothing I really could believe or would ever test on myself especially since this particular client had only read about it, not tried it herself.

Then recently, a new client of mine told me she’s been oil pulling for about six months to heal a chronic toothache. Her dentist was floored at how healthy her teeth and gums looked because he was expecting to give her a filling, which she ended up not needing. I was floored myself. Her teeth are bright white and her gums are a very healthy pink. Also, oil pulling is mentioned in the liver and gallbladder cleanse maintenance program, so it’s obviously knocking on my door. Right?

I started oil pulling the very next morning and have been oil pulling every single morning for about a month now. I opt for the 20 minute version of oil pulling despite Andreas Moritz’s recommendation of oil pulling for no longer than a few minutes at a time so as not to reabsorb any toxins. He suggests oil pulIing for just a few minutes at a time for up to 10-15 minutes. His method is too involved for me. The second I get up, I reach for the coconut oil and swish a tablespoon full in my mouth while I’m showering and getting ready in the morning. After 20 minutes, I spit the coconut oil into a paper towel (never the sink, it will clog the pipes), rinse my mouth with warm water, brush my teeth and scrape my tongue with a tongue scraper. Voila!

teeth oil pulling

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