The Vanity Mirror

For such an appropriately beautiful word, “vanity” has a bad rep. If you know me personally or have read or listened to any of my interviews, you know I unapologetically got into my line of work ten years ago for vanity and vanity alone. I had no digestive issues, no major recovery, no comeback story.Continue reading “The Vanity Mirror”

Back That Ass Up

I’m a huge fan of the late John. A. Pagano, a chiropractor and free thinker who wrote Healing Psoriasis in the 90s when the United States was heading more in the direction of chemical convenience and less in the direction of holistic healing. I will sum his book up with this: cleanse your liver, getContinue reading “Back That Ass Up”

Dry Brush The Bloat Away!

Our skin is full of shit and I encourage you to dry brush everyday because it takes less than five minutes to make your skin feel so fresh and so clean, you may not even need to shower! Showers are boring anyway. Dry brushing improves not just the quality of your skin (even known toContinue reading “Dry Brush The Bloat Away!”

Oil Pulling Away Your Cavities??

One of my clients swears that just a year ago, her dentist thought she was “the most disgusting creature” due to her slacking in the oral hygiene department, maybe brushing once a day and flossing every few days. I have to admit, I can completely relate to said client. Unless you’re constantly shoving processed, sugaryContinue reading “Oil Pulling Away Your Cavities??”

Non-Crusty Winter Skin? Yes, please.

Hey all! Hope you’re having a great weekend. I am typing this on my way home from a ski trip to Sugarbush Mountain in Vermont with my brother and his girlfriend. Just thought I’d share a skin tip with those suffering from dry skin this winter. It’s been pretty cold up here with some days requiring a faceContinue reading “Non-Crusty Winter Skin? Yes, please.”

Never Wipe Your Ass With Leaves (of Three).

A recent “detox rash” turned out to be a torturous case of poison ivy. Wrapping it up the way I did to cover it only made it spread across my entire forearm! I’ve never had poison ivy before and for whatever reason, thought it was just some mythological beast, despite the memory of my friend inContinue reading “Never Wipe Your Ass With Leaves (of Three).”

My Skin Secret.

I just ran out of my Cow Fart Juice and realized I’ve never shared my skin secret! Okay, so the big secret is that I don’t wash my face…like EVER. My face has never felt good after washing it. Instead, my face would get so dry and itchy, I would have to smother “night cream”Continue reading “My Skin Secret.”