Doody Breath?

Did you know that your body cleanses itself during sleep, which is why you wake up with a light film on your tongue and nasty dog┬ábreath. That film is just a bunch of toxins and bacteria that can easily be eliminated by using the ancient Ayurvedic technique of tongue scraping. I use a copper tongue scraper every night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up. I even carry one in my purse – it’s better for your breath and your health than chewing gum!

Here is the proper way to scrape your tongue: 1) Hold both ends of the tongue scraper with both hands 2) Stick your tongue out 3) Insert tongue scraper arch into your mouth until you feel like you want to gag 4) Press down on your tongue and pull the tongue scraper forward, scraping all the mucus off of your tongue 5) Rinse and repeat until you feel Doody Free.


Published by Doody Free Girl

New Jersey Gravity Colonics Therapist and Blogger, Jen (The Doody Free Girl) is starting a Bowel Movement to erase the stigma surrounding women's bowel insecurities and ultimately, alleviate both physical and emotional constipation.