Rude Awakenings.

I woke up around 5am because I was about to piss myself. I tried to put it off because I had to wake up in two hours, but couldn’t hold it any longer. So I dragged myself to the bathroom, pulled my pants down, and sat down only to feel freezing water kiss my bottom. I jumped up and looked down to find the toilet water seat level. Submerging a plunger ┬áto remedy the issue would only make the water overflow, so I did what any other respectable girl would do: I peed on top of the water and dealt with it later in the morning. By then, the water will hopefully sink. It did.

So this takes me to an important skill set everyone should have under their belt: toilet plunging. This experience forced me to learn how to plunge a toilet and it goes a little something like this: 1) grip plunger with both hands 2) place mouth of plunger around the hole at the bottom of the toilet 3) pump the plunger continually, creating a suctioning, without breaking the seal between the plunger and the porcelain until the toilet starts to swallow the water. Voila!

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