Doody Free Hands.

I’m not one to wash my hands every time I use the bathroom. Reason being that 1) I do not have a penis and 2) I generally don’t pee on my hands. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a dirtbag either. So I find it important to discuss why my hands are probably cleaner than all of the antibacterial obsessed clean freaks I encounter especially on airplanes. The 99.9% germ claim found on every antibacterial product on the market does not refer solely to harmful bacteria if at all.  In fact, according to an article posted  on, these antibacterial products may actually be creating more bacteria on your hands. Superbugs, perhaps? Also, children’s immune system development are also being hampered because the exposure to the proper amount of germs conducive to proper growth is being compromised.

In conclusion, I recommend turning yourself on to products that use organic alcohol, ethanol and essential oils.

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