Butt Wipes.

New York Magazine just released an online article on the negative effects of baby wipes. This epidemic has been traced back to the overuse of baby wipes by the general public, and I’m not talking babies. Apparently, adults are secretly obsessed with flushable baby wipes. However, we are not acknowledging that while it’s fun to watch our toilets swallow these baby wipes, these wipes do not disintegrate. They may go down the pipes and instantly out of sight/out of mind, but our sewer plants are suffering and ultimately, our taxpaying wallets.

Now, the quick solution for those who are enviromentally friendly, yet anti- poop streaks is to keep a roll of paper towels in your bathroom and just wet them before you wipe your ass. The smell of baby wipes makes me want to fucking hurl anyway and this way, you maintain some self respect. Just make sure you throw that crap in the garbage. Another amazingly eco-friendly option are Swipes Lovin Wipes. These are flushable AND biodegradable.


Published by Doody Free Girl

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