Hipster Jeans Giving You Gas?

  According to the Wall Street Journal’s article about “Tight Pants Syndrome,” if you are experiencing unexplainable stomach pain, heartburn, belching, yeast infections and/or numbness in your legs, you may want to consider retiring those way-too-tight jeans that are probably giving you a muffin top anyway. Ladies, you may also be paying the price forContinue reading “Hipster Jeans Giving You Gas?”

NYC Public Bathroom Guide

After a near-diarrhea experience on the subway today, I realized the importance of having your public bathrooms mapped out in your head. Here’s a list of my trusted, easily-accessible bathrooms in Manhattan.   Midtown: Uniqlo Midtown /Upper West: Whole Foods at Columbus circle (bottom floor of mall in the eating area) Midtown /Upper East: Whole Foods(57thContinue reading “NYC Public Bathroom Guide”

Why Am I So Obsessed With Poop?

Probably because it feels fantastic! My goal is to get my clients to take a substantial dump daily. It’s shocking how many women think it’s normal to only poop 2-3 times a week. If that were me, I’d be a raging biatch. I credit my upbringing for my fascination with poop. My father has always thoughtContinue reading “Why Am I So Obsessed With Poop?”

Let’s Talk About Poop!

Why has bowel failure struck mostly women today? It’s quite evident that females have unjustly suffered from a double poop standard. I personally remember being terrified to poop anywhere but home and my girlfriends would concur. Many of my female clients come in routinely for colonics because their bowels have completely shut down from yearsContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Poop!”