The Wiseguyz Show

Tune in to The Wiseguyz Show on DDV Radio tonight from 8-10pm to listen to us talk a bunch of shit. Spelling is clearly not their forte (see promo and tune-in directions below), but they seem like a good way to spend your Hump Day nonetheless.    

Power of the Poo PODCAST

I’m very excited to be featured on Kimberly Snyder’s top-rated Beauty Inside Out iTunes podcast! Kimberly Snyder is not only a celebrity nutritionist living and breathing a compassionate, plant-based diet empowering each of her followers to achieve their highest self both physically and spiritually, but she is also responsible for putting gravity colonics on theContinue reading “Power of the Poo PODCAST”

Liver Cleansing Again!

I just wrapped up yet another liver cleanse, but this time I actually gave it my full effort and did not drink any wine for the entire week. In fact, I still haven’t had any wine (that’s subject to change any day now). The cleanse was actually much more tolerable when following the rules –Continue reading “Liver Cleansing Again!”

Colonoscopy Prep

If you’ve ever had or needed a colonoscopy, you are familiar with the dreaded colonoscopy preparation protocol. This could include drinking Suclear, Nulytely/Colyte, MoviPrep, Miralax/Gatorade, Prepopik, amongst other chemical cocktails, with protocols varying depending on the time of day the colonoscopy is performed. Unfortunately, there is really no way to avoid the preparation portion ofContinue reading “Colonoscopy Prep”