Sugar Addiction

I’ve always had a sweet tooth. Growing up, my parents had to bribe me to eat my Abuela’s Cuban food by promising dessert after. I’m 36 years old now and I still love finishing dinner off with a sweet treat. Thank God sugar is healthy!

Not all sugar was created equal, but luckily, you can satisfy your sugar cravings healthfully. The two best ways to do this is by substituting either breakfast or lunch (or both) with a green smoothie and/or a green juice. People are always freaking the fuck out about the sugar content in fresh green juices because juices do not contain any fiber. No one has a better response to this concern than my mentor, Tom DeVito, who healed himself naturally of grand mal seizures by eating sugary fruits and drinking green juices all the live long day for the last 25+ years:

“Sugar: the so-called villain of the American diet just happens to be the only substance, (other than oxygen) the human cell requires for food! This important sugar comes from primarily fruits and secondarily, green leafy vegetables. In addition, fruit sugar cleanses the bloodstream. Chlorophyll builds blood cells. The molecular structures of hemoglobin and chlorophyll are identical. The body converts the green stuff to the red stuff rather easily and rapidly! And that, my friends, is why so-called diet experts making villains of actual, real human fuel, should be treated exactly as they are: clueless fools who studied fiction from a book and didn’t live a health transformation, by way of deep tissue cleansing, whole foods and a plant-based diet! They read some books, perhaps got a degree and live the same lie as everyone else. Counting imaginary values from fake foods which provide little to no value but rather harm, while vacillating between losing an inch and gaining a pound. Don’t allow fiction writers to teach you about your health. Allow your body to experience real food in a depolluted environment. Begin your personal journey and feel it for yourself. There is the classroom, the textbook, the truth.”

In fact, did you know that all animals have a sweet tooth? And those who do not anymore can thank evolution. So let’s return to nature and take it easy on the processed sugary foods. If you are experiencing insatiable cravings for cakes and unnatural shit, you are suffering from dysbiosis, where an imbalance of good:bad bacteria exists. The best remedy for eliminating the dominance of shitty bacteria is evacuation (aka colonics) and replenishment with probiotics. Those cravings will quickly disappear once you start feeding your healthy bacteria with real food (i.e.  plant food).

Colonics are also important when eating natural sugar because fruit and vegetable sugars are extremely cleansing. We are not exactly burning sugar off anymore like other primates, so elimination is more vital than ever. It is when we do not eliminate the waste natural sugar generate in the body that we experience disease, not because of the mere ingestion of the sugar.

Additionally, fruit/vegetable sugar highs are never followed by a mid-day crash and burn. One important tip when it comes to drinking fresh juices and smoothies is to always ingest them on an empty stomach to ensure instant delivery to the cells via the bloodstream. Make sure to “chew” your drink and your smoothies because enzymes and bacteria in the mouth initiate proper digestion and assimilation.

natural sugar green smoothie


My latest obsession is the Omega juicer. I’ve always used a Breville centrifugal juicer, but the Omega juicer extracts way more juice and nutrients from your fruits and veggies. In fact, it is so efficient it can extract juice from wheatgrass and it can even make nut butters! It’s also more fun to use and a lot easier to dispose of the pulp when I need to make more than two juices. You can get one for $260 at Bed, Bath & Beyond (don’t forget to ask for the 20% discount at checkout). My current favorite 32 ounce organic green juice recipe will cost you under $6.50 at Whole Foods. Simply juice an entire 2 pound bag of organic carrots, half of a bunch of organic dandelion greens, and half of an organic fennel bulb. 

In my last blog post, I also promised I would share my current favorite smoothie recipe that keeps me full all day long until dinner. I’ll either milk a juice or a smoothie all day long (not both). I recommend the Vitamix blender as I’ve heard no other blender comes close to blending celery like this machine. Blend three stalks of organic celery, one whole banana, two handfuls of organic spinach, one whole mango, one cup of filtered water, 1.5 tablespoons of Vitamineral Green and 1 tablespoon of organic flax seeds.

Hope this shit was informative. xoxo jen






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