I must say my most constipated clients are my lawyers and finance people. Why? Because on top of being chained to a desk 12 hours a day with no natural body movement or natural sunlight and endless ordering from Seamless, they have to meet deadlines for people they seemingly despise.

Did you know your nervous system, specifically the enteric nervous system or “second brain” according to some scientists, runs through your digestive system, which means there is a ton of neurotransmitters underneath your poop. Your brain and your butt are constantly talking crap behind your back. So when your brain is stressed out, your bowels will give you some serious silent treatment.

Remember that your bowels are very forgiving. Take a warm Epsom salt bath at the end of the day, take a 30 minute walk outside and/or read something non-work related before bed. And don’t forget to breathe and drink some water to get some O2 up in your system. Your internal environment does not have to be as stagnant as your external environment.

Resources: Scientific American

Published by Doody Free Girl

New Jersey Gravity Colonics Therapist and Blogger, Jen (The Doody Free Girl) is starting a Bowel Movement to erase the stigma surrounding women's bowel insecurities and ultimately, alleviate both physical and emotional constipation.