Slippery Poops.

Let’s talk about slippery elm root powder, people! I’m not a fan of supplements because I’m cheap and lazy, but if there’s one or two things I suggest you take on the regular, it’s magnesium and slippery elm root powder. I feel like I’ve discussed magnesium at length, so today’s post focuses on slippery elm!

According to my box of Celebration Herbals Slippery Elm Bark Powder (purchased at Whole Foods), it has the ability to absorb 10 times its weight in water, forming a gel. And according to one of my idols, the late Dr. John O.A. Pagano, it absorbs gas in the body while coating the intestinal tract, preventing seepage of toxins. Furthermore, its gelatinous texture aids in bowel evacuation. Dr. Pagano considered the ingestion of slippery elm root in various forms, a critical habit in healing the intestinal walls and ultimately, any skin disorder. His instructions are very specific: Drink slippery elm root tea every morning at least a half hour before breakfast for ten days and then every other day. Steep 1/2 teaspoon of the slippery elm root powder in a cup of warm water for 15 minutes. Then make sure to drink it in the next 15 minutes before it spoils. It doesn’t really taste like anything. Additionally, you can keep a pack of Thayer’s Slippery Elm lozenges in your bag and eat them throughout the day. They’re delicious! I love the maple flavor best.

Warning: Do not ingest if pregnant or expecting to become pregnant as it can cause miscarriage.

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