Ringworm is Dead!

So it turns out I just had an eczema rash on my arm coincidentally where my ringworm was years ago. I had started using Athlete’s Foot cream on my rash because Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm and Groin Itch are all the same shit.

Eczema is undoubtedly an internal issue and while the rash was brought on by my first liver cleanse, it gradually disappeared after my second liver cleanse. The Athlete’s Foot cream helped initially, but the rash became so dry and scaly, that it started itching again. And eventually, the red bumps worsened. The Urgent Care I visited two years ago gave me an anti-bacterial ointment for the ringworm that alleviated the itch while preventing any dryness. After a little brainstorming on what natural remedies I could use that have anti-bacterial properties along with a gel-like texture, I suddenly remembered the miracle of Manuka Honey!!

Manuka Honey is the honey you constantly overlook in the health food market because it’s ridiculously expensive. But there’s a good reason for that! Manuka Honey comes from the same tree in New Zealand as Tea Tree oil, which is widely used as an anti-fungal treatment for people and pets alike. Tea tree oil is very potent, which can be detected by its medicinal odor. I was applying tea tree oil to my rash when it first appeared, but it only further irritated it, even after diluting the tea tree oil in some coconut oil. So I spread a thin layer of Manuka Honey over the rash, covered it with a paper towel so that it did not stick to my clothing and secured it with a few hair ties. I left it on overnight for about five days and the rash just disappeared. Even all of the little scabs that developed over the rash fell right off!

So here’s what you need to know when buying Manuka Honey for medicinal purposes. You want to make sure the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor), which is also labeled as “Active” is a minimum of 10. The higher the better because the higher the UMF concentration, the higher the antibiotic effect. I love the brand Wedderspoon because they actually sell individual packets of Manuka Honey Active 16+. The individual packets easily crack open (sans mess) and you can just eat them on the train when you feel like you’re getting sick! I used the packets to quickly spread the honey on my arm without using any utensils. There are many more uses for Manuka Honey, so make sure to keep it in your medicine cabinet!

Ringworm remedy

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