NYC Public Bathroom Guide

After a near-diarrhea experience on the subway today, I realized the importance of having your public bathrooms mapped out in your head. Here’s a list of my trusted, easily-accessible bathrooms in Manhattan.


Midtown: Uniqlo

Midtown /Upper West: Whole Foods at Columbus circle (bottom floor of mall in the eating area)

Midtown /Upper East: Whole Foods(57th between 2nd and 3rd Ave.), Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales

Time Square: Marriott Marquis (I believe you have to take the elevator up. I’ve used it once or twice when I was in a bind. Very clean.)

Bryant Park: Le Pain Quotidien (walk right in like you’re meeting someone – it’s on the right), Bryant Park public bathroom (very nice! on 42nd Street), Whole Foods

Madison Square Park: Self-cleaning public restroom at the park (50 cents per use)

Herald Square: Uniqlo, Macy’s

Chelsea: Bed Bath & Beyond (to the left once you walk in)

Union Square: Whole Foods (2nd floor), Max Brenner (walk straight to the back), Babys R Us (2nd floor), Barnes & Noble

West Village: Lifethyme market (walk up to second floor)

Lower East Side: Whole Foods market on Houston (walk up to second floor, all the way to the left)

Soho: Nespresso (walk inside and to the right, take elevator down)

Tribecca: Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble

Financial District: The Oculus at World Trade (you will find a few bathrooms at this mall – I like the bathroom by Eataly upstairs), Century 21, Whole Foods, Barnes & Noble


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