Mustaches are for Men

I’m proud to say my clients learn all sorts of shit from me. I will do my best to teach you the things that could make your life better. You want to know where the best health markets in NYC and Jersey City are? You want to know where to get the best facials? You want to know how to lose weight sustainably? I’m your girl.

So it’s no surprise, that I will also teach you how to affordably and safely rip out your peach fuzz mustache, should this be one of your goals in life. I’ve been getting my stache waxed, plucked or threaded since middle school shortly after I was first teased about it. Being more of a DIYer, going to the salon is a major drag even for only a few minutes. In fact, before discovering laser hair removal, I’d spent many hours in the bathroom waxing my own vagina and mutilating myself trying to extract the ingrown hairs (0% fun).  If you’re an existing client or subscribe to my weekly newsletters, you already know about my love for laser hair removal. Now, it is my duty to share with you a more recent discovery that will allow you to “thread” your own mustache without ripping off your skin: the REM Spring.



Published by Doody Free Girl

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