Irish Ramadan (aka Liver Cleanse)

This January was my first semi-successful attempt at “Dry January,” or Irish Ramadan as one of my clients calls it. I’ve hardly even been able to refrain from a glass of wine during past liver cleanses because I love me a glass or two of red wine with dinner. But once I made the commitment not to drink in January (until my Nicaragua trip on the 25th), it quickly became second nature. Good habits can develop in just a few days when intention and commitment are strong. I must admit the paralyzing weather helped a lot too.

liver cleanse
Breaking the dry spell in Nicaragua.

Just as it pertains to colonics, it is always a good idea to clean up your diet a bit before embarking on any sort of cleanse or diet, especially a liver cleanse. This makes for a more pleasant experience because you aren’t suddenly putting your body into a state of shock. Rather, you are gently guiding your body into a deeper state of detoxification that has the potential to become habitual versus temporary. Consistency is more powerful than any crash diet or crash juice cleanse (same shit in my book).

For 2018, I am committed to consistently making my own smoothies, even during the cold winter. The trick to craving smoothies in the winter is simply making them room temperature (not cold!). I will share my latest favorite smoothie recipe that keeps me satiated and energized all day long on my next blog post. Eating more nutritiously dense smoothies has made liver cleansing much easier. I’ve already completed two liver cleanses this year, and this monthly liver cleansing schedule is feeling great especially since many clients have been joining in!

I am starting my next liver cleanse on Monday in time for the new moon. The new moon every month is always a good marker to wipe your slate clean of shit that wasn’t working for you the prior month and birth some new ideas and action plans. This Irish Ramadan will appropriately end on St. Patrick’s Day. Sign up for liver cleanse instruction on the Gravity Colonics Prices page┬áto prepare yourself because you’ll need to schedule two colonics and purchase food grade malic acid in powder form. Please keep in mind, you will want to continue liver cleansing at least every three months. Otherwise, it’s best not to begin this cleanse at all because you will literally be stirring up some shit that must be eliminated from the body. For those who’d like to dig deeper into the liver cleanse, I recommend picking up Andreas Moritz’s The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse. And book your liver cleanse here.

Liver cleanse stones
A bunch of liver stones joined together.


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