Don’t Be An Ice Queen.

Thankfully, I had no clients booked today because I could hardly muster up the courage to get out of my body-heated bed this morning. Inconveniently, the heater in my apartment does not work well in my drafty apartment when it’s fucking freezing outside. So I spent the day cleaning my apartment and doing laundry to stay warm, or at least not think about how cold I am. While moving around and staying productive is always a good way to generate heat, I want to share two pointers on how to survive this dreadful season.

I purchased a Higher Dose Infrared Bodywrap back in October, but I get overwhelmed easily by new contraptions for no good reason. My mother gifted me an Aroma Professional Plus Multi-cooker over a year ago and it’s sadly still in the box. This, unfortunately, is only one other example of an unused possession that can probably change my life with the click of a single button. But I finally christened the dust-collecting infrared bodywrap last night, which practically rolled right out of the box, bear hugged me and plugged itself in. I cannot recommend this heated sleeping bag enough. There are different heat settings, so you can choose whether or not you feel like getting your sweat on while experiencing the benefits of infrared. Last night, my apartment felt a bit warmer, so I broke a sweat in just 30 minutes, while today I hardly broke a sweat even after staying in the bag for the max allowance of one hour. Today’s objective was just to stay warm, so I appreciated the absence of cold wet clothing (you must wear heavy sweats inside the bag as the heating elements can get really hot) upon exiting the bag. This infrared sauna wrap may just be the solution to my Seasonal Affective Disorder as it boosts happiness chemicals while providing unparalleled winter relaxation.

Infrared sauna bodywrap bag


The Infrared Bodywrap turns off after an hour and must rest for at least an hour before its next use. So in search of another warm body, I decided to finally christen my bath tub. I’ve lived in my apartment for two and a half years and had yet to take a bath! I cannot believe how fucking late I am to the bath game. In true fashion, I had luxurious bath salts  – one that was handmade by a friend complete with aromatic rose petals and another one (also a lovely gift) of Dead Sea salts – collecting dust in my medicine cabinet for years. This bath kept me warm for another hour while I relaxed and listened to some podcasts. In The Rockstar Remedy, Dr. Gabrielle Francis suggests taking epsom salt baths not only for muscle relaxation, but radiation extraction! This can be especially therapeutic if you work in front of a computer all day.

In short, being cold sucks and I hope my advice, and perhaps a colonic, make you feel less shitty this season.

xoxo jen


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