Hide Your Bloat.

Bloat is a bitch and it can creep up on you the day of an important event. Luckily, one of my closest friends is a buyer for one of the most prestigious department stores in the world and has offered up her expert advice on how to hide your bloat in style. She attends all of the runway shows in Paris and advises me on how to copy all of her favorite looks for a fraction of the cost. Her latest obsession is the store, Zara, which she believes copies the runway best.  She provided the following advice for those days when you’re feeling like a bloated whale.


Bloat and Fashion
2015 Chloe Runway
bloat and kaftan
2015 Zara Online Catalog

“Boho hides the bloat. Caftans are a great way to cover up and still be beachy if you’re not feeling bikini-ready quite yet.”

Bloat and black dress
2015 Givenchy Runway
bloat and off-the-shoulder dress
2015 Zara Online Catalog

“An open shoulder is a perfect way to wear a loose fitting dress or top that hides the parts you want to be hidden, but also shows some skin in a sexy

bloat and denim dress
2015 Chloe Runway
bloat and denim copy
2015 Zara Online Catalog

“Denim is really on trend right now and even better, it is light enough for summer and also forgiving enough to hide any areas that you don’t want exposed.”

bloat and chloe runway
2015 Chloe Runway
bloat and oversize dress
2015 Zara Online Catalog

“This oversized shape is the ultimate answer to hiding a bloated stomach-or anything at all for that matter.” 

bloat and wedding
2015 Zara Online Catalog
bloat and lace
2015 Chloe Runway

“Shift dresses are always in style and are always an easy shape to wear. They’re basically just a square, so everything underneath is sure to be concealed.”

bloat and overalls
2015 Zara Online Catalog
bloat and nina ricci resort
2015 Nina Ricci (Resort)

“Overalls came back around last year and are still going strong. Whether you ate something that didn’t agree with you or its that time of the month, overalls will surely hide it! These lace versions are a super fun update for summer.”

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