Downtown Jersey City Health Markets

Many of my NYC clients find themselves foraging for health food in Jersey City after their colonics. Look no further… here is a list of my favorite health markets in Jersey City and what they each offer:

Subia’s Organic Cafe: About a ten minute walk from the Doody Free Girl headquarters, Subia’s is located at 506 Jersey Ave. Subia’s is both a small health market and vegan cafe owned by two sisters. Patience is a virtue here, so don’t come here if you’re in a rush, although it’s well-worth the wait. The soup of the day is always an excellent option post-colonic or a fresh juice/smoothie. Everything is organic. Closed on Mondays.

Key Food: All you city folk know about Key Food. Well, there’s one in Jersey City about a five minute walk from the Doody shop, located at 574 Jersey Avenue (about a ten minute walk down the street from Subia’s Organic Cafe). This Key Food has plenty of fresh produce and healthy snacks.

P&K Fruit Market: This friendly family-owned health bodega in downtown Jersey City has the best avocados in town. I practically stop in here daily to grab avocados, limes, and a box of organic greens. They also carry a great line of local vegan cheeses and vegan burgers called Jersey City Veggie Burgers in the freezer section that only read a handful of recognizable ingredients.

Nature’s House: Another friendly family-owned health market that offers fresh juices in the front along with many specialty items throughout. There isn’t a whole lot of fresh food here, but it’s fun to browse through the teas, incense, body products and supplements. They also carry my favorite coffee alternative, Dandy Blend.


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