Protein Makes You Constipated

Somewhere along the line, a cultural obsession with protein developed along with the desire to look like this:   Because that’s normal… I know what bodybuilders go through to look like this and it involves a lot of dead chickens, food obsessing, no life outside the gym, fat burning pills, zero shits (but infinite fucks) and intentionalContinue reading “Protein Makes You Constipated”

The Infrared Sauna

Yesterday, CBS News aired a segment on the benefits of infrared saunas starring yours truly. Watch me sweat and verbally express that I’m sweating. It’s quite riveting! But seriously, infrared saunas majorly improve the texture of your skin. It is something I recommend for those doing my Skin Cleanse. Infrared saunas are different from ordinary saunasContinue reading “The Infrared Sauna”

A Load of Crap.

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately. Don’t ask me what, but the recurring commercials on my favorite channels are for vaginal mesh class action suits and those for prescription acne medication, Onexton and prescription irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) medication, Linzess. Pharmaceutical commercials are my favorite, especially the part where they whisper all of the side effects like the fine printContinue reading “A Load of Crap.”

Slippery Poops.

Let’s talk about slippery elm root powder, people! I’m not a fan of supplements because I’m cheap and lazy, but if there’s one or two things I suggest you take on the regular, it’s magnesium and slippery elm root powder. I feel like I’ve discussed magnesium at length, so today’s post focuses on slippery elm! AccordingContinue reading “Slippery Poops.”