Floatation Therapy Open in Jersey City! (And other local spa favorites)

If you don’t follow the Hoboken Girl Blog, you’re missing out because I am a regular contributor for all things vegan, health and wellness in Jersey City! Om.life wellness spa just opened in Jersey City and I couldn’t be more excited to share the benefits of floating. Nourishing to the mind, body and spirit, floatingContinue reading “Floatation Therapy Open in Jersey City! (And other local spa favorites)”

Lymphatic Drainage: A Cellular Colonic

I hate showering, so imagine how much I love getting lubed up during a massage. This is the main reason I do not get massages more often, despite my belief that human touch is critical to overall wellness (even if you have to pay for it). Contrary to popular belief, massages are not cost prohibitive. Trade with a friend/partnerContinue reading “Lymphatic Drainage: A Cellular Colonic”