Kimberly Snyder is a Radical Beauty

For those receiving my newsletters, you know how much I admire and respect my friend, Kimberly Snyder and her vegan health philosophy. If you already follow her books or want to learn more about her, please come to the book signing event for her new book, Radical Beauty. I’ll be there ūüôā  

Power of the Poo PODCAST

I’m very excited to be featured on Kimberly Snyder’s top-rated Beauty Inside Out iTunes podcast! Kimberly Snyder is not only a celebrity nutritionist living and breathing a compassionate, plant-based diet empowering each of her followers to achieve their highest self both physically and spiritually, but she is also responsible for putting gravity colonics on theContinue reading “Power of the Poo PODCAST”

24 Hours in Hollywood

In an effort to spread the Doody Free Girls Movement nationwide,¬†I took the liberty of experiencing¬†a jet-setting,¬†24 hour rendezvous in LA to¬†celebrate¬†the release of friend, Kimberly Snyder’s new book, The Beauty Detox Foods. And let’s be honest, I was hoping to make¬†some celebrity connections. I am reporting back that I made¬†only one¬†connection and that involved¬†DitaContinue reading “24 Hours in Hollywood”