Why Am I So Obsessed With Poop?

Probably because it feels fantastic! My goal is to get my clients to take a substantial dump daily. It’s shocking how many women think it’s normal to only poop 2-3 times a week. If that were me, I’d be a raging biatch. I credit my upbringing for my fascination with poop. My father has always thought it acceptable and funny to set off fart bombs at home. His farts are so loud, I really don’t understand how he avoids crapping his pants with each explosion. My brother actually does have some pretty insanely hysterical stories of legitimately crapping his pants (he’d never read this, so it’s okay).  My brother brags every time he takes a huge dump like he expects some sort of gold medal. Although, I think we all secretly wish we could take a picture of some of our monstrous logs and send it off for some Hall of Fame acknowledgement.

So I guess this all explains why I laugh uncontrollably when the subject of  fecal matter is introduced into any conversation. I wish all girls would regard this subject matter as light & fun and feel comfortable enough to speak freely about their issues and ultimately, poop with pride.

Hope you’re proud, Pop!

Let’s Talk About Poop!

Why has bowel failure struck mostly women today? It’s quite evident that females have unjustly suffered from a double poop standard. I personally remember being terrified to poop anywhere but home and my girlfriends would concur. Many of my female clients come in routinely for colonics because their bowels have completely shut down from years of mental training and/or laxative abuse. The gravity method colonics I employ assists in slowly strengthening the bowels back to life.

Chronic constipation has been held responsible for many skin disorders and other debilitating conditions such as chronic migraines and even certain cancers. This blog was created to start a healthy conversation about the importance of regularity.