Enemas are a Pregnant Lady’s BFF.

If a woman is eating for two, shouldn’t she be pooping for two?? I’ve never been pregnant, but everyone knows pregnant women don’t poop. I’ve been asking all my pregnant clients for some tips & tricks to share with the rest of the knocked up population. It seems like everyone has a different opinion with regards toContinue reading “Enemas are a Pregnant Lady’s BFF.”

PROBLEM: There is Not Enough Paper.

SOLUTION: The Strips Technique. 1. Don’t call out for someone to bring you more toilet paper. You are at work, not at home. 2. Pray to all the gods whose names you remember (even if only vaguely) that you have a packet of tissues in your pocket. Unfortunately, in this kind of situation, it isContinue reading “PROBLEM: There is Not Enough Paper.”

A Fancy Toilet.

I sat on my first heated toilet seat complete with bidet and booty dryer this weekend at Mashiko in Seattle. Although this sushi joint impressed me from the gratuitous stash of SushiWhore magnets to their use of sustainable/reusable chopsticks made from surplus wheat supplies, their exclusively sustainable fish menu, and the mere existence of a luxury toilet seat in the bathroom, I’mContinue reading “A Fancy Toilet.”

Doody Free Toilet.

I’m not one to flush the toilet every time I pee for the sake of conserving water, but trust me, there are never any logs floating around in my toilet. I’m not that disgusting. So this takes me to a very important topic directed at girls and guys alike, but mostly guys. Clean your toilet.Continue reading “Doody Free Toilet.”

What’s so Funny About a Bidet??

Bidets rule. I never really quite understood why people chuckle when confronted with a bidet. I grew up with a bidet in my home, so I never thought they were weird. But now I can appreciate why they are so funny after doing a bit of research into their history and principal uses. The bidet was invented by the French inContinue reading “What’s so Funny About a Bidet??”