Day 7: Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse

I managed to keep all of the fluids down last night and this morning. Epsom salt water at 6am is rough! I tried my best not to throw up and I succeeded. The morning was complete¬†with watery bowel movements filled with tiny pebbles and a few bigger ones like the one pictured below. I always promised myself I would never be that girl that posts poop photos on the Interwebs, but this is different. It’s supposedly a gallstone. I’m trying my best to believe it’s not just coagulated olive oil (my olive oil is very green).

In any case, I feel great!! The cleanse calls for eating normally, but lightly for the next few days and getting another gravity colonic in the next day or two to make sure any residual stones are released. I had to take a break from the kidney tea for these two days of flushing, but will resume tomorrow for the next 15 days.